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Life sucks sometimes. And other stories we tell ourselves.

When my daughter was about 6 weeks old I was home alone for the first time. All of our family visits were done and my husband was returning to his regular working hours. I found myself sitting on the couch in my pajamas, un-showered, teeth not brushed since the night before, and with a sleeping baby on top of me. I felt utterly defeated and like my day was a total waste of time. Nothing had been accomplished, my baby girl was having a rough time and all we had done was nurse, soothe, and nap.

Who was the one saying my day was a waste of time? No one else but me, but because that was the story I was telling myself that is exactly how I felt. I felt like a failure because I told myself I was. I felt like I had wasted my day because I told myself I had. As I sat there reveling in my own misery it dawned on me that I was letting the story I had written about my day become my reality. Well, then maybe I could change my reality if I changed my story? And so I did.

I had dedicated my day to meeting the needs of my newborn baby girl. She needed me to focus all my attention on her that day, and I as a mother had done just that. If I looked at my day that way hadn’t it been a glorious success? Why, yes it had! This simple shift in how I was writing the story of my reality completely changed my outlook on my day, completely changed my reality and completely changed how I felt about myself.

This may sound like such a simple and rudimentary idea that you may want to brush it off, thinking it couldn’t possibly work. Because really all you are doing is tricking yourself into believing something that is not true and you’re smarter than that. Well, here’s the thing: you can’t just tell your rational mind to rewrite the story and “boom” you feel good again. I agree with you on that one. You have to believe it with your heart and soul, that is when the real magic happens and that is not easy. That takes a whole lot of faith and a whole lot of determination. But trust me on this one; it does change everything.

Be mindful of the stories you tell yourself and let the exultation of your soul be what tells the story of your life! 

For the love of myself and everyone else.

For the love of myself and everyone else.

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