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The greatness in YOU

The greatness in YOU

What do you want to be when you grow up? My answer used to be zookeeper until I was about 12 years old then I was going to be a “boss” like my dad. But take a minute to think about it. What are we really asking with this question? Are we not telling ourselves that we should be looking externally to figure out who we want to be?

Comparing ourselves to others is the very essence of our culture today. How we dress, talk, do our hair, the career we choose, the friends we have, our taste in music, food, almost everything we do can be traced back to the idea of emulating someone else. We seem to think that by doing so, we will be as happy, popular, fulfilled, or passionate as these other people appear. We base who we are on how we want others to perceive us and most of all based on the greatness we think we see in others, but not in ourselves.

Tell me, do you believe you have gifts and talents that no one else does? Do you believe you have unique inspiration and creativity that could create something unlike anything else created? Well You DO! Everyone does. No, really. EVERYONE.

That greatness you see in others, those unique gifts and talents you try to make your own because you don’t trust that you have any. YOU have those. You don’t have to believe me, but it’s true. And yes, that is difficult to believe in a world where our whole lives we have learned to look outside of ourselves to figure out who we are and who we want to be.

But it is time to start believing. It is time to start realizing that YOU have a greatness inside of you unlike any other or anyone else. We can all learn from each other, but the uniqueness that is you, cannot be replicated or found anywhere else in this universe. And if you don’t believe that, I will believe it for you. And you will not find that greatness anywhere else. Don't spend your life wasting it. 

"Let your greatness speak. It has a lot to say." -- Dena Patton

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