Welcome to my Life on Rainbow Drive. I am grateful and humbled you've joined me. 

A great place to start

Anxious, confused, overwhelmed? Feelings we don’t want to have. Feelings we want to run away from, feelings we want to stuff, feelings we want to stop. They’re uncomfortable, unnerving, raw, painful, tough. They are threatening to our status-quo, testing of our limits, demanding on our mind, straining on our psyche and soul.

The last thing you want to do is feel them, let them take you over, let them pierce every little cell in your body, fill every nook and cranny with their stark and frightening uncomfortableness.

Let them. Let them take you over. Let them do you. Feel the anxiousness, the confusion, the overwhelm to their fullest extent. Without doing anything about it, without trying to fix it, without trying to make them go away. Let them wash over you, your body, mind and soul, like a gentle trickling stream and stormy ocean all at once. Hear their gentle whisper and feel their blaring roar.

Anxious, overwhelmed and confused. That is your soul screaming at you that it is ready for movement. That is your heart aching for you to finally hear it. Your entire being ready for you to wake up and listen. And that is a great place to start.

Feel all the feelings. And let them do you. 

What is your intention: a question that can open many doors

You are powerful