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It's not always fun to look at yourself

It’s not always fun to look at yourself. It’s really, really hard taking accountability for ourselves, our actions, our imperfections, our limitations. And it is absolutely not fun admitting you may be the one standing in your own way.

But, the important question in all of that is, why should you change? Why should you go through the uncomfortableness of really looking at yourself? Let me answer that by telling you why I did it. I got tired of being asleep. I got tired of living half a life. I got tired of blaming everything outside of me for my unhappiness. I wanted that to change. I wanted my life to change. And for that to happen, I had to change.

Oftentimes our darkness is brought to our attention by external sources. But all too often we confuse the rise it brings in us with thinking the other person needs to change. When someone holds up a mirror the easy thing to do is look away. But, it doesn’t matter what we see in others. What matters is what we see in ourselves and what we choose to do with what we see. We cannot and should not expect change to be fair – true self-transformation is not a quid pro quo sort of situation.

Take a minute and really ask yourself, what are your limiters to having the life you truly desire? It’s not always fun to look at yourself. But it’s when you do that true change can occur and it will change your life. 

Patterns we have and what they are telling us

The greatness in YOU

The greatness in YOU