Welcome to my Life on Rainbow Drive. I am grateful and humbled you've joined me. 

Set your boundaries

Set your boundaries. How you feel matters. What you think matters. It matters greatly. Do not let people walk all over you. 

Do not let anyone make you feel inferior, small, or irrelevant. Do not let anyone make you believe that your boundaries or feelings are less important.

Imagine yourself a dock on the ocean and others the ships that bump up against you. If that dock doesn’t put up bumpers it will eventually deteriorate and fall apart. Set your boundaries and others will have to respect them. Let them know where your bumpers are. You can come here, but no further! You will not be taken advantage of.

Set your boundaries and stay firm. You will find yourself and your relationships much healthier and stronger for it. Remember you are not less important. 

Classrooms and lessons – what are you learning?

What is your intention: a question that can open many doors