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What is your intention: a question that can open many doors

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You have been seeking. You have asked questions. You have read books. You have felt the anxiousness, the overwhelm, the confusion. You have talked to people, gurus, wise ones, enlightened ones. You feel stuck in an in between state – wanting to know the answers, but not finding them. Wanting to know the purpose, but not finding it. Wanting to finally “figure it out”.

Let me ask you: What is your intention? There is no way to find this answer outside of yourself. You will not find it in a book. It cannot be given to you by someone else. You can only find it within.

What is your intention? A question that can open many doors.

Close your eyes. Still yourself. Imagine no limitations, no obstacles. Nothing in this world that can hold you or restrict you from anything. Your wildest dreams are possible. Anyone’s wildest dreams are possible. From this place, connect with your heart. Feel it beating inside your chest. Feel it whispering to you: unlock me. Unlock me and let your soul out. Let your soul dance. Let it be free. Let it feel the boundless acres of possibility spreading inside of you. Now ask yourself. What is your hearts’ dream? What is your souls’ purpose? Your true wish? Your life intention?

Mine? I want to help awaken in others what has been awakened in me. Such a simple statement that has brought so much power to my life.

Ask yourself and don’t be afraid of the answer. 

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