Welcome to my Life on Rainbow Drive. I am grateful and humbled you've joined me. 

This bright light was born from all the darkness. This light is you.

One day something magical happens. You connect with your light. Your soul. Once you do there is no looking back. Everything is brighter. It is also more challenging. You can no longer go about life the same way you used to.

You will feel like the weird one, you feel different and self-conscious. You will feel others judging you. Not because there is something to judge, but because you illuminate their own darkness and the ego is always quick to protect itself.

When we shine bright, we light up the world. The darkness that is reflected back at us can sometimes be overwhelming. It can make you want to dim your own light. It can make you feel hopeless, because the darkness feels overwhelming for your small little light. You ask yourself what difference you could possibly make.

But it is in moments like this that it is more important than ever to let your light shine bright. Being a light bearer comes with many challenges, yet it is our one true calling. Shine so bright the darkness doesn’t stand a chance. 

You are Powerful.

Classrooms and lessons – what are you learning?