Welcome to my Life on Rainbow Drive. I am grateful and humbled you've joined me. 

You are Powerful.

You are powerful. Oh so powerful. So, so very powerful. You may not realize this, but you are. You are the orchestrator of your life. You get to choose exactly how you live it. The choice is yours. The whole darn thing. All of it is up to your powerful self. What is your highest preference? What is your ideal? Choose it and watch it manifest.

It’s a glorious, glorious life if you so choose!

The leap between what you believe is possible and what is actually possible is unimaginably vast. The greatness and potential for you and your life is unfathomable.

I wrote these words almost a year ago to date. Going back and reading them now gives me goose bumps and chills all over my body. But I am also realizing I am not currently in connection with this sentiment. I am not currently using and expressing the full power I have over my life.

Why not? Why does one lose sight of this wonderful thing once found? You let circumstances get you down. You stop fighting for what you believe in. You let voices dictate what is possible and not possible. Those voices are none, but your own.

Why does life have to be hard? Why couldn’t it be beautiful in all its ups and downs? Does marriage have to be difficult? Why couldn’t it be a wonderful ride with a partner you love unconditionally. Does parenting have to be a grind and endless battle? Couldn’t it be the most glorious adventure of your life?

Sound like a pipe dream? Or like I am full of crap? It is all in your head. It is all in your thoughts, your mindset, your possibilities.

Today my husband approached me with something that would usually look like us getting into a tough and somewhat draining conversation. Instead I said “no”. I am powerful beyond belief and imagination and I do not want our relationship to look like this. I took a much different approach to the conversation, verbalizing my new approach as I went along. And this time instead of sour faces and maybe some tears there was laughter and smiles.

It is so possible if you just believe. It is so possible if you are just willing to do what it takes. It is so possible if you could just see how truly powerful you are.

This bright light was born from all the darkness. This light is you.